We are Bas Vogelpoel architects Amsterdam

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We are Bas Vogelpoel Architects Amsterdam

Our architectural firm creates unique architecture, based on craftsmanship and the quest for the best answer to each specific challenge. All designs bear our signature and at the same time reflect the client’s wishes and the given situation. We provide expertise, design power and inspiration and define what the assignment needs. We listen carefully to the client’s requests and the unspoken desires and needs.

Our architecture

IIn our designs we are always looking for tranquility, rhythm and spaciousness. Our architecture near Amsterdam usually contains a storyline, on an abstract level. We pay a lot of attention to materials and detailing; to us they are the articulation that gives the story its meaning. At times very clear and apparent, sometimes ambiguous. Our designs are modern and sleek, but never cold; there is always room for warmth, color or sculpture. It is not there for itself, like a piece of art, but as decor and support of our daily lives.

Sustainable and future-proof

We consider the well-being of our users to be of paramount importance and sustainability therefore plays an important role in our work. On the one hand in a practical sense; whereby we strive to use as many renewable building materials as possible and to keep the energy demand as low as possible. We do this by using solar panels, heat pumps and heat recovery systems, among other things, which we integrate in such a way that they become part of the architecture. We keep ourselves informed of developments and are regularly updated by suppliers. On the other hand, we strive for sustainability by creating designs that have a longevity aesthetically and practically.

Approach and process

During the design process we combine the wishes of the clients, the circumstances and our own style and ideas resulting in something greater than the sum of its parts. We work from large to small in a number of phases, always systematically investigating the possibilities, instead of relying solely on a hunch or concept. We discuss each phase with the client and coordinate external parties such as the constructor or the municipality.

Experience throughout the Netherlands

We have gained extensive experience in architecture, interior design and garden design. Our clients are mainly private individuals and companies (Kriterion Tank Station, Amsterdam), but we have also worked for schools and municipalities (Schoolplein De Boomgaard, Amsterdam). Bas Vogelpoel Architecten is based in Amsterdam and therefore many of the projects are located in and around our capitol. In addition, our firm realized projects throughout the Netherlands; from Groningen to Hulst.

Feel free to view our work and contact us.

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